Stress Causes Hair Loss


stressDid you know that stress causes hair loss and gray hair? Stress can be the enemy for many problems, these days many people suffer with these kind of problems. It can make hair fall in patches, are there any stress control methods? Well, you have to find it out! It is not the only reason behind, there can be more other factors also, but this seems to be the common problem. Unhealthy habits and stress can ruin your hair for sure. In this article, you will find how to tame your stress and get your hair healthy.

Breathing exercise

How do you start your day? Have you been doing deep breathing exercises? Most people don’t take in enough oxygen, they always breathe only half. This might cause several problem and cause stress to many people. So, the breathing must be practiced daily morning and evening. This is the reason behind meditation and yoga, people who take up yoga are less affected than someone is not doing any sport activities.

Are you taking the right diet?

If you take your diet properly, there will be less hair loss. It was observed that taking in more curry leaves in daily diet helped to reduce hair loss and other problems. Fresh fruits and vegetables can also give you more energy and prevent your hair loss and strengthen your hair. Eating iron rich foods can be good for your body. Hair loss is caused due to the iron deficiency in the body.

Get up early and walk

People who go walking are less affected to stress and in turn less affected to hair loss. Always make it as a practice to wake up early and start walking daily. It can reduce stress and other problems related to health. This makes you feel fresh and stay happy all the time. Most depressed people have this problem because they don’t go outside of their homes. There can be further problems due to improper diet and unhealthy habits.

Do you get enough sleep?

It is necessary for your body to get enough sleep, many don’t get enough sleep! People who work in night shifts can be in big trouble because they don’t enough sleep daily. If you don’t sleep well, your muscles would get tired and always you will be stressful mood. It is good to avoid it, because it can cause health issues and also problems with your hair. One way to take care of your hair is to drink more water. Yes that’s right! When your body becomes hot and you don’t drink enough water, you will get these problems of hair loss. Disturbed help can also cause trouble with thinking, so get good sleep and be happy. In women, the scenario is different. When women take oral contraceptives, it causes problem with their hair. Most people have less hair after pregnancy and this is because of the stress and changes in their body. These can be avoided if you exercise regularly and stop worrying!

Causes Of Woman’s Hair Loss


hair loss causesWomen have to pass different age problems in their life. They have to pass different situations too. It can be a great cause of women hair loss. Besides, they use different types of chemical things for beautification of their body. Moreover, a plenty of blood are left from their bodies for different purposes.

Hair style: Actually the women are the symbol of beauty. They use various types of chemical products and beautifying products for enhancing the beautification of their body including hair. Besides, plenty of electronics and electrical tools are used to beautify the hair. For different occasions they have to change their hair styles. Frequent changing of hair styles can cause excessive hair falls.

Hair instruments: women have to use various machine for the fascinating look of hair. They use blowing machine, drying machine and pumping machine. All of them make huge stress on the hair. Besides, it provides warmth environment to the hair. Sometimes, machines obstacle blood circulation system. Besides, it makes pressure on the scalp and it is more harmful for the brain.

Hair gels and creams: For providing great look most of the young girl use hair gel and hair creams in their hair and these cause hair loss problems. The creams and gels work as gums which help to stick the hair with one another. Besides, every beautification parlor uses different types of chemical things to beautify the hair of girl.

Stress and hard working: Every woman has to mange a lot of things in their houses. They have to work full day long. For hard working they sweat normally. Excessive sweating can cause hair problems and it causes hair loss.

Lacks of nutrients:  As the women have to pass different situations and fight various calamities in their life, so they have to take proper protein. But most of the women are suffering from malnutrition. They don’t take proper foods what they need. Normally they need more proteins than a man because they lose plenty of energies every day.

Pregnancy: At the period of pregnancy every woman has to take more food than normal life because she has to provide foods for her child. But most of the women don’t do that. At the time of pregnancy they have to lose more bloods from their body. It is another cause of their hair fall as the hair is full of iodine and copper.

Weight loss:  Most of the women lose their weight at the time of pregnancy. When the excessive losses of weights are found in the human body, we have to understand that it is the symptom of lacks of proteins and vitamin.

Lack of Consciousness: Woman has to be more conscious about their life styles. They have to be disciplined daily about the proper medication of their body. In this case, husband of the woman can take more responsibility.

After all, a disciplined life style and proper medication of hair can reduce the hair loss problem. Besides, they have to be more aware of their proper food.

Hair Loss Treatments For Women


hair treatment for womenMen and women are different, their bodies and hormones are completely opposite. Hair creates the expression and personality for a person. Male hair pattern baldness is the worst thing to experience by a man and similar baldness has adverse effects in the life of women. Bad hair day can cause pain for only one day, while the hair loss causes pain every day while looking at the mirror. Let us look at how to stop or prevent the hair loss in women and the treatments for them.

Identify the problem

Hair loss can affect both younger and elder women who are post menopause. There would be temporary hair loss during pregnancy and it gets alright after pregnancy on its own. There are also treatments for permanent hair loss to regain the lost hair. Every hair grows for 2 to 5 years and the growing is stopped for some months. The follicle falls out and the new hair grows, when the new hair doesn’t get replaced. She gets huge hair loss and hair related issues. Daily 100-150 strands of hair falls out quickly which is tough to see. Identify what type of hair one has and the initial steps to be taken.

Permanent or temporary

As explained earlier, the hair loss may be permanent and sometimes be temporary. It is vital to find the reason behind the hair loss. It can be chemicals, pregnancy or many other factors. Heredity can also be one of the main reasons for hair loss. Female pattern baldness is the worse affecting the frontal area. Some women have problems with hormonal changes which are natural and cannot be reversed.

Professional look

Get the help of a professional clinic, they can provide you with a different style which hides your hair. It is always necessary to get help from hair stylist. This can last up to six months and can act as an alternative for some time. Another option would be to try using the wig; this can also help someone who has lost hairs on head.

Use Minoxidil

This is the specialized treatment method for the hair loss which occurred permanently which cannot be reversed easier. This medicine can cause more problems and taken without the advice of a physician can worsen the situation. It has side effects and not many are recommended to try this medicine. It can cause allergy and other problems like swelling and flushing of skin.

Natural methods

I will recommend these methods only because they don’t have side effects and it’s healthy to use them. Usage of herbs like henna, hibiscus and coconut oil can help you retain lost hair. This is the ancient method of hair growth and definitely helps every men and women. Henna, hibiscus and curry leaves have the power of bring back the vitality to the hair and can turn gray hair to black. Massaging the scalp can also help in blood circulation and improve hair growth. When you have hair problems like dandruff or androgenetic alopecia, then it is compulsory to consult a physician.

What Should You Do to Stop Hair Thinning?


hair lossHair remains the beauty of man or woman. Without hair on head is like a tree without leaves and its ugly. Most people are having the problem of hair thinning. The hair gets thinner when a woman is 20 years old and continues up to the time, till she gets menopause. It turns from curly hair and different hair styles to less hair with no style. There is no bad hair day when you got no hair on head. This can prevent your success and ruin your life. Thin hair is no comparison to healthy hair, if you want healthy hair then you must follow these steps.

Eat more veggies

Eat more veggies can help you improve your hair style and thickness. Film stars usually want lustrous hair because it is their business. They keep themselves fit with proper exercise to maintain their hormones. If you exercise daily the hormones would be under control and help in growing hair. This can help in the long run and there cannot be quick results overnight. Vegetables have the nutrients that can keep the body fresh and strong. Include a cup of veggies in your diet daily and it can save bunch of hair fall and hair thinning.

Drink more water

Doing exercise daily like running and weighting minimal weights can help you increase the hormones in your body and can balance them. It is good to drink more water to flush out toxins from your body. It is also good to drink water early in the morning before tea or coffee. Avoid tea or coffee and switch to drinking more water in the morning as the first step. Drinking water can eliminate the heat of your body and help you keep the internal organs well. It indirectly helps you get lustrous hair, when your body is cool, you will have no hair problems.

Take iron supplements

The minerals especially iron content in your food can help you get beautiful hair. This is found as natural supplement in curry leaves, dates and many foods. You can check out to find the right iron rich food for you and taking it in daily dose can help your hair healthy. If you are not able to get the natural supplements, you can try with the popular tonics and tablets which have more iron rich nutrients.

Avoid smoking and drinking

Smoking daily can cause damage to your hair and skin. Most people who smoke daily get bald quickly. Alcohol consumption is also the worst enemy when it is taken in large quantity. Smoking and drinking can cause depression and affect your heart also. Hair thinning also exists due to chemicals in the beauty products. When we make changes with our health system and habits we follow, we can see good healthy life. In olden days, people ate rich food which helped them live longer and there were more physical work to them rather than mental work. Move around in your office; don’t just sit which causes more stress.

Why Is Your Hair Falling Out?


Why is your hair falling outThere could be many reasons for hair falling out. It is good to check with dermatologist to find the hair loss cure. Hair fall has been the worst problem for teens, middle aged and almost everyone. We find kids aging ten have gray hairs and more hair fall these days. Having lustrous hair can make one look young and good. Most film stars opt for beauty techniques to enhance more hair growth. Let us look at some of the reason for the hair loss. Stress is the main factor for the hair loss.


If you are healthy and follow the basic living style, like you eat your food right and exercise daily. Wash your hair every day and have oil massage over the weekend. Even after all this process, you lose your hair on daily basis. You must blame it on your genes. They play a great factor in deciding the health and looks of a person. Blame it on the genes, I would say.


Most women have lustrous hair and need hair grooming for half an hour. But once they are pregnant or after deliver a baby, the hair growth gets reduced. There is less hair growth, easily visible through tiny ponytails. This can be stopped by taking the proper meditation and proper diet, which can get back looking great. Most women worry a lot about their hair style after having a baby, which can ruin further. It is necessary to exercise and take care proper of hair.

Blame it on beauty products

If you are having more hair loss, then you are trying the beauty products too much. Cosmetics have the bad effects on the skin and it is always vital to use them at fewer fractions and wash them also. Most beauty products are made from natural ingredients and chemical combinations by research, which pass the test for human application. But people get addicted to the products and use them all the time to enhance their beauty and hair growth. What may work for someone, will not work for another person. Everyone’s body is different and unique; it is good to try what works for you.

Personal hygiene

Do you wash your hair daily? And keep your scalp clean? Dandruff and other hair disease can cause more hair fall. It is necessary to wash your hair daily with shampoo to keep the scalp free from dirt and itching. Touching your hair often during the day, can stop the hair growth and make your hair lose strength.

Hormone levels

The hormone levels in men and women are completely important to maintain. The male hormone when more in the body or less below a particular level can affect your hair and reduce the hair growth. It causes the hair pattern for your body. The same case suits for women too, when their hormone levels drop can cause hair fall. People who indulge in sex and masturbation during young age without proper diets or healthy habits would get affected quickly. I will explain about the treatments and natural methods to stop the hair falling out.